Daylighting Collaborative

Overture Center, Madison, Wisconsin

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The Daylighting Collaborative was initiated by the Energy Center of Wisconsin and its sponsoring members as a source of why-do and how-to information for daylighting using windows. With the growing interest in the energy savings benefits and research on the other non-energy related benefits, the Daylighting Collaborative and its website were re-focused to not only provide information but act as a gateway to other existing information on daylighting.

An invited Advisory Committee acts as a sounding board and general technical oversight and insight for the staff. If you are interested in potentially serving on the Daylighting Collaborative's Advisory Committee in the future, please contact us.

The Daylighting Collaborative is funded through grants and sponsorships received from utilities, government, foundations and product manufacturers and other sponsors.


Light every building using the sky.


Empower all building designers and owners to incorporate daylighting into every project by providing with them with a single source to locate all information they need. The Daylighting Collaborative promotes design that respects the natural environment and creates energizing spaces for people.


With our vision to light every building using the sky, the Daylighting Collaborative follows these principles:

  • Empower: Everyone can make a difference every day on every project. The Daylighting Collaborative will instill confidence and knowledge through education, research and information sharing.
  • Acknowledge and collaborate: The Daylighting Collaborative supports and gratefully acknowledges the efforts of all entities working towards energy efficient daylighting design.
  • Educate: We support continuing education on all topics related to daylighting and building science necessary to achieve energy savings and related economic, environmental and human impact benefits.
  • Research: To insure the integrity of information provided, the Daylighting Collaborative will support, encourage and conduct continuing building science research and human impact research.
  • Promote performance and aesthetics: buildings need to save energy and create dynamic and healthy environments for occupants. Our energy goals help ensure a reduced impact on the natural environment and create an economic benefit for all businesses.